Peach Teats & Milk Buckets

Milk BucketsAre you in need of a milk bucket for you Calves, Kids, Lambs, or Piglets?  We have a variety of options you can use for 4-H or FFA, and for personal homesteading needs.

Peach Teats are extremely popular for calves for the following reasons, and they also hook over fences so you do not have to hold on while they feed.

  • Soft flexible rubber
  • Closely resembles a cows’ teat
  • Easily installed/removed
  • Leak resistant
  • Can be milked by milking machine
  • Can be flushed through for easy cleaning
  1. Unique valve never closes in relaxed state never blocks.      
    Functions like a real cows teat.
    Always moving while calf is sucking. Calves love them.
  2. Milk opening each side of teat. Teat tip intact to prevent milk leakage.
  3. Screw in thread for fast, east fitting. A single twist inserts or removes teat for replacement or removal for cleaning and storage.
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